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heightened consciousness.

We Are Rising (Women of the World) by Mary Isis


to the

Crystal Clear Channel

Tap into the collective to raise and amplify your vibration to manifest the life of your dreams in sisterhood.


It all starts with our inner dialogue. How we talk to ourselves is the primary driver of our ability to transmute our pain and transform our lives. But we must also have trusted external sources to change the dialogue.


Physical health is a key aspect to a healthy mind and spirit. BUT, it is also tied to your emotions. This symbiotic relationship can keep us in dis-ease even when we're trying to be "healthy". We have the power to heal ourselves.


Our spirit is eternal. It is our truth and why we are here in this lifetime. It speaks to us through our intuition. If not attuned, we will not hear it and will not trust it. Once connected, our collective spirits can unite and amplify our manifestations.

Guided by a cohort of Luminaries with different gifts and expertise, we help women address their whole being to come into alignment with the greater good of both the 3D world and higher realms.

11 amazing healers, coaches, therapists, and experts have come together as a team to help us understand, heal and raise our energy through the Crystal Clear Channel. EVERY MONTH they show up to heal, educate, and inspire our members to make their lives a little bit better.

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Stop trying to do it all alone!

What is the

Crystal Clear Channel?

An online community portal to heal, raise the vibration, manifest, and increase consciousness of women and feminine energy. It is intended to nourish women on their journey of healing, happiness, and heightened consciousness.

This healing journey is never easy and can be very lonely. Every woman's journey is individual and she needs different nourishment and healing at different times and needs ease of access to find what is right for her from trusted providers. And, of course, the journey and its healing never truly ends; it simply evolves as does our ability to work through it. The one thing she always needs is love and encouragement from a collective of sisters.

Because such a community with such diverse needs of insight and healing modalities could never be led by one individual, it is guided by a cohort of Luminaries - our Healers-in-Residence - with different gifts and expertise whose guidance is facilitated by the Conductor who helps harmonize the coherence. Together we help women address their whole being to come into alignment with the greater good of both the 3D world and higher realms.

As a collective we help our members commune, attune, cocoon, and arise.

The Channel is a safe space for both adult and young women. The platform is completely independent of social media and other unhealthy influences and algorithms. It is intended to foster deep and trusted relationships for true community support. It can be accessed either through a browser or the mobile app whenever you desire to tap into the collective for assistance.

It is a portal to find trusted healers, service providers, and products. Only those who have been vetted and commit to the good of the community may share their offerings within the Channel.


Meet our AMAZING Women.

Allyson Blythe

Certified Life Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Manifestation Expert and Guide to Empaths

Cassandra DeAnn

Certified Human Design Reader, Galactic Astrologer, Akashic Records Soul Reader, and Gene Keys Guide

Cathy Goulet

Psychic Energy Healer, Channeler, Guide to Finding Your Spiritual Purpose. Former psychologist and computer coder.

Dr. Eliza Collins

Psychedelic Microdosing & Integration Coach, Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Heather Esposito

Former Therapist turned Holistic Money Mindset and Energy Coach, Hypnotherapist, & NeuroFit Coach

Jessica Stevenson &

Sue Vessella

Wholehearted Life Coaching

Teaching emotional, energetic, and social awareness, inspiring a new way of thinking that aligns with the whole heart.

Kimberley Healey

Courage, Intimacy and Sexuality Coach

Dr. Laurie Little

Dialectical Behavior Therapist, Psychedelic Assisted Therapist and Mindfulness Coach

Lena Simovic

Mindvalley Transformation Coach & Intuitive Energy Healer (Neo-Shamanic Society)

Luna Hart

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Fertility Awareness, Holistic Health Coach

Mary Isis

Sacred Songstress, Transformational Recovery Coach, EFT practitioner, Plant Medicine Specialist, and Ceremonialist

Crystal Thies

the conductor

Crystal is the Founder and Conductor of the Crystal Clear Channel. This is her vision and she is the wizard behind the curtain.

FREE Luminary Wisdom Teachings

Get immediate access to 11 inspiring Wisdom Teachings from our 11 Luminaries. Normally, a benefit to our upleveled Seeker members, we've made the inaugural Luminary Liaisons available to the entire Collective.

  • Heather Esposito: Align Your Money Energy via Money Archetypes
  • Allyson Blythe: Manifestation Maturity
  • Dr. Laurie Little: Attuning to Your Wise Mind When Faced With Difficult Decisions
  • Kimberley Healey: Reconnecting with your Sensuality to Feel Saucy and Energized
  • Cathy Goulet: Understanding Your Gifts and Living Your Purpose
  • Mary Isis: Transformational Recovery and Integration through Nature, Ritual, and Sacred Sound
  • Jessica Stevenson: Wholehearted Children: Nurturing Authenticity in Our Young
  • Lena Simovic: Balance of the Whole....Mind, Body, Soul...& the Energy Behind Them All
  • Luna Hart: Springtime Revival: Missing Link to Better Health, Hormones, & Happiness
  • Cassandra DeAnn: Living Your Human Life by Human Design
  • Dr. Eliza Collins: Introduction to Psychedelic Microdosing

Want More?

Monthly Luminary Liaisons

Uplevel to our Seeker Membership and experience NEW Luminary Liaisons from EVERY Luminary EVERY Month!

*All Times Eastern Time Zone

Heather Esposito: Money Energy Clearing & Mindset


Lena Simovic: Affect of thoughts and Emotions on our Health


Luna Heart: Health, Hormones, and Nutrition Q&A


Dr. Eliza Collins: Psychedelic Microdosing & Integration

second Tuesday at 1PM

Dr. Laurie Little: Inner Healing Intelligence

second friday at 2PM

Cassandra DeAnn: Human Design, Gene Keys, Astrology, Galactic Astrology, Akashic Records

Third Tuesday at 7PM

Mary Isis: Transformation Integration with Ceremony, Ritual, & Sacred Sound

third wednesday at 1pm

Kimberley Healey: Courage, Intimacy, and Sexuality


Cathy Goulet: Owning Your Gifts and Living Your Purpose


Jessica Stevenson & Sue Vessella: Living a Wholehearted Life and Raising Wholehearted Children



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$111/per year OR 11.11/per month

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  • Participate in the weekly manifestation portal
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See the most asked questions

What are Luminary Liaisons?

Luminary Liaisons are Wisdom Teachings provided by the Luminaries of the Channel who are our Healers-in-Residence. Each month every Luminary provides a Luminary Liaison to our Upleveled members.

These Luminary Liaisons are often LIVE events where the Luminary provides knowledge, answers questions, or even conducts energy healing/clearing for the group.

Luminary Liaisons may be pre-recorded and may also be written content like eBooks or the like. Each Luminary has control over how they want to interact and share their wisdom with the Channel members.

The wisdom provided will be highly valuable and not something they are currently, freely providing outside the Channel. The Luminaries may provide guidance on how members can work with them at a deeper level outside the Channel.

Who has access to Luminary Liaisons?

Luminary Liaisons are a benefit to our Upleveled members including our Seekers and Purveyors. There is additional access to a special Luminary Chat thread to interact with the Luminaries outside the Luminary Liaisons.

However, the Free Collective has access to a small library of Luminary Liaisons and ONE NEW Luminary Liaison recording is added to the library every month.

What if I can't attend the Live Luminary Liaisons?

All Live Luminary Liaisons are recorded and the recording provided as soon as possible after the event. The recordings do not disappear and you have ongoing access to all recorded Luminary Liaisons as long as you maintain your Upleveled membership.

Is it REALLY Forever Free?

Yes! There will always be a Forever Free Membership to the Collective that allows you access to most of the Discussion threads and limited Luminary Liaisons. No credit card is ever needed. We want you to find your tribe and be able to easily communicate with them. We want you to find trusted resources for your own personal journey.

Upleveled memberships are very affordable. However, if they are still outside your reach, we do offer scholarships. Once inside the portal, feel free to message the Conductor - Crystal Thies - to request scholarship consideration.

How can I decrease my Upleveled cost?

Anyone who pays into the community can also make money from the community by helping grow it. Upleveled members are invited to join our affiliate program. Currently, Seekers earn 11% immediate and recurring Upleveled Members they refer and Purveyors earn 22%.

Once you have Upleveled your membership, you will see the Affiliate Program listed in your personal settings and you can join the affiliate programs for your level of membership. Affiliates are paid out every month. You will still pay your monthly or annual membership rate. But you can counter it with monthly affiliate payments and even make more than the cost of your membership.

We want the growth of the Channel to be a financial benefit to all who participate in the economy.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

We offer both monthly and annual Membership plans. You can cancel anytime before your renewal. Reminder emails are sent 7 days before renewal to provide ample time to cancel.

It is recommended that you give a minimum of 2 business days notice to prevent the automatic charge. However, if you give notice BEFORE the date of your renewal and we are not able to intervene, we will refund the automatic payment we could not stop.

If you miss the renewal, we will cancel your membership at the end of the next cycle.

The Crystal Clear Channel is here to nourish you on your journey of healing, happiness, and heightened consciousness. JOIN US FOR FREE TODAY!

Science Meets Spirituality

Hi! I'm Crystal Thies. I'm the founder and Conductor of the Crystal Clear Channel. I didn't come to the woo easily. I came kicking and screaming. I love science. I love proof - at least proof from my own experience. I hate closed-mindedness and that I lived in that space for so long.

We have been so conditioned and PROGRAMMED to believe there is nothing more than 3D science or traditional religion. So much of what I was taught as fact was unproven theoretical fiction. We still know so little about our world, yet society thinks we know it all.

Traditional religion was codified by men to control the masses and maintain power. That doesn't mean there's not good "stuff" in the messages as it was our earliest attempts to understand that which is greater than us. But the structure...

This community is for those who fall in the in-between. While not greatly publicized, science and spirituality is getting closer when you remove religion from the equation. This is a portal to explore and learn while healing and growing.

Whether you've just stepped on the path or you've been traveling it for awhile, you have a place in The Channel!

Not sure which membership is right for you? Join the FREE Collective and you can Uplevel later. We'll give you all the details once you're inside!