My life has presented me with adventures in many creative fields. This included working in the wedding industry for over ten years. This was where I thought I had found my passion despite my constant challenges with burnout as an entrepreneur.

Growing up in a dysfunctional home, I lacked the necessary tools to find fulfillment in life. So, like an addict, I sought to numb the pain of my youth. My drug of choice was validation through the praise of my creative pursuits. Everything and everyone around me suffered in my exhausting quest to soothe myself. Once I was able to address the trauma that occurred growing up in a religiously abusive home, I was then able to rebuild my confidence and gain insight into my career challenges. My life has been a testament that your shadows will find you one way or another.

After a spontaneous awakening and a journey of transformation and self-discovery, I left my wedding business behind to pursue a greater purpose. I began to see myself as an alchemical vessel in which the words I received as a child were refined through my life experiences into something pure and golden. Empowerment. Now, my heart desires to inspire and uplift others through my words. I’m a certified Human Design reader, certified Galactic Astrologer, Akashic Records Soul Reader, and Gene Keys Guide. I help guide others to break away from societal programming and reconnect with their true essence. I share my story in hopes of empowering others to live unapologetically as who they are designed to be.

Finding my voice and discovering who I AM, took a lot of work. I believe this is a challenge that many of us face. Our inner critic can be brutal and very destructive. When I left my home at eighteen, I had no identity, intuition, or self-awareness. Over the years, life has given me many lessons and helped me discover my authentic self. I was only capable of achieving this through self-love and compassion. Now, I inspire and support others on their own self-discovery journeys.