Wholehearted Life Coaching, developed by Jessica Stevenson and Sue Vessella, was established to assist young people in achieving a wholehearted life through a mindset balance of the energetic, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social characteristics that connect them to the power of their authentic selves. Through this education, they become the guiding example they seek in their experiences, to attract a happy, satisfying, and successful life. Jessica’s background is in Special Education and Childhood Developmental Psychology. She is certified as a Mindset and Spiritual Life Coach, and Energy and Emotions Coach, from Ascension Academy which is accredited by the International Association of Therapists. She has established Dynamic Mindset, providing teaching, mentoring, and coaching that supports and empowers teens and their mom’s, through interactive workshops that give them the thinking, skills, and emotional intelligence to recognize their internal power and make positive life choices. As a thought leader, Jessica is passionate about assisting young people in the alignment of their thoughts, intentions, and actions to foster a whole emotional body and transformation within themselves. Sue has spent the last 30 years in higher education as Dean of the School of Media, Culture, & Design and professor teaching college students at Woodbury University. She is a published author focusing on curriculum for social responsibility in design, and has spoken at numerous international and national educational conferences on interdisciplinary pedagogy, educational assessment, and social responsibility in design. She is passionate about the energetics of kindness and as Dean, originated the comprehensive Create Change and Kindness Counts initiatives developed to increase awareness and design solutions to bring forth a new paradigm of kindness and compassion in the world today. Her life journey has been expressed in the pursuit and understanding of mystical and spiritual wisdoms that open eyes, interpret experiences, inspire growth, and ultimately, encourage students in reaching their highest potential. Their work, focusing on self-empowered thinking, has been influenced by Joseph Murphy who said, “As a person thinks, feels and believes, so is the condition of his or her mind, body, and circumstances.” Jessica and Sue are passionate about teaching this heart/mind connection, and inspiring a new way of thinking that ultimately ignites confidence, nurtures positivity, and transforms lives.